Frequently Asked Questions


How do I arrange to see a house I am interested in?

We ask that interested parties drive by and look at the property, and have your co-signer review the co-signer agreement before scheduling a showing.  Please do not bother the current tenants.  Please contact us to schedule a tour.

How much is the rent?

We prefer to discuss current rent amounts over the phone.  Feel free to contact us to inquire about any house you are interested in.   

I have toured the house and my group wants to rent it. How do we apply?

Once your group has been approved, an application deposit is required to begin the process.   

My group has been approved. What is the next step?

If your group is approved the first step is to collect a $400.00 application fee from you.  By giving us this fee your group agrees to complete all the necessary paperwork, which includes signing the lease and turning in signed and completed co-signer agreements, within one week (five business days).  If your group does not complete all the paperwork within the week allowed you will forfeit your $400.00 deposit and we will proceed with another interested party.  Once all the paperwork has been turned in the deposit (minus the $400.00 already paid) will be collected.  This will hold the house for you until your lease term begins.  

Are pets allowed?

Some pets are allowed subject to approval.  Additional rent (pet rent) will be charged.  For a cat the pet rent is $15.00 per month and for a dog it is $25.00 per month.  A pet deposit will also be collected in addition to the regular deposit.  A pet addendum must be completed and signed with the lease.   

Will I need a co-signer?

Co-signers are required for all tenants.  An individual renter's insurance policy for each tenant is recommended.