How to Pay Rent

These are the ways you can pay rent:


Mail a check or money order 

Make check payable to Galen Thompson and mail to the address below.

P. O. Box 4185

Chico, Ca 95927

Bank Deposit

Deposit your rent into our U.S. Bank account (please contact us for the account number and to notify us of your deposit)

Online using Venmo 

Send us a friend request and pay using Venmo.  

Online at 

There is a $3.00 fee for each rent payment.  Your renter code is your house number.   

Remember, rent is due on the first and late on the sixth of the month.  If you are mailing your rent it must be in our Post Office box by the fifth of the month or you will incur a late charge.  

Utilities and Services

Gas & Electricity

Water & Sewer

California Water Service

 (530) 893-6300 

Garbage & Recycling

Waste Management

 (530) 893-4777 

Telephone Service & DSL


 (800) 464-7928  

Cable & High Speed Internet

Xfinity Comcast

 (800)  934-6489